General Information

What is KRYTAC?

KRYTAC, established in Southern California in 2013, is a dedicated product research and design team of the Switzerland-based firearms manufacturer KRISS Group. The primary focus of KRYTAC is to engineer premium airsoft products for recreational use. Additionally, KRYTAC also specializes in the advancement of cutting edge professional training systems. The KRYTAC team is comprised of highly experienced firearm and airsoft professionals who have come together for one common goal, to provide premium products that evolve individuals beyond their boundaries. —In layman’s terms KRYTAC is the airsoft/training products division of the KRISS Group.—

What does KRYTAC mean?

The KRYTAC name came from the combination of the mythological sea creature the Kraken and tactical together.

Who designs KRYTAC products, is it OEM?

KRYTAC is designed in house by KRISS Group, which utilizes its own worldwide manufacturing capabilities, and are not OEM through a third party company.

What is the difference between the Alpha and Trident Series?

Alpha series AEGs are internally tuned with a muzzle velocity less than 1 Joule. Aside from the hand guard, main spring, motor, cylinder, and gearbox coating, the Alpha AEGs are the same as the Trident series. All other internals, including the gears, piston, padded cylinder head, and MOSFET, are still the same high quality components that make the KRYTAC gearbox extremely reliable. Also, the Alpha hand guard features a modular picatinny rail attachment system whereby the rail is fastened directly to the hand guard, whereas the Trident hand guard utilizes the keymod system.

Can Alpha be upgraded to the Trident or Trident MKII?

Yes, all of the parts needed to upgrade the Alpha to a Trident or Trident MKII AEG can be found at the KRYTAC proshop later this year.

Warranty and Repair Services

How do I register my KRYTAC Product

Registering your KRYTAC product is quick and easy with our online product registration form. Registration is optional and not required for warranty registration.

How do I obtain warranty repair service?

A detailed description of our warranty policy for US based customers can be found on our Warranty Page.

How do I send in my KRYTAC product for repair service?

For all customers in the United States, you can submit a request online at Evike.com.

Evike will provide further information on how to submit your product for service.

For all international customers, contact your KRYTAC authorized dealer for more information.

Does KRYTAC offer out of warranty services on KRYTAC USA products?

KRYTAC does not directly provide KRYTAC repair services. If you are in the USA, please submit a service request with Evike using their online form or via email.

I live outside of the United States; Can I get my KRYTAC products repaired by KRYTAC USA?

No, please contact your KRYTAC dealer for warranty information.

For any additional questions and information, feel free to contact us.