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Sales and Availability

Where can I buy KRYTAC airsoft guns, parts, and accessories?

KRYTAC airsoft guns, parts, and accessories are only sold through authorized KRYTAC dealers, which you may find using our Dealer Locator.

You may also contact the KRYTAC importer/distributor for your region. In the United States, the official KRYTAC distributor is Evike. If you are outside of the United States, please see our list of International Distributors to find the KRYTAC importer and distributor for your region.

Can I buy KRYTAC airsoft guns, parts, or accessories directly from KRYTAC?

KRYTAC does not offer direct sales as we do not stock any inventory of airsoft guns, parts, or accessories. This is handled by our worldwide distribution network.

Please use our dealer locator to find the authorized KRYTAC retailer nearest you. You may also contact the official KRYTAC importer/distributor for your region for ordering information.

In the United States, Evike Superstore is the official KRYTAC distributor.

How do I inquire about becoming a KRYTAC dealer or distributor?

If you are an airsoft retailer located in the United States, please contact Evike Superstore directly for wholesale information. Evike is the exclusive KRYTAC distributor for the US market since April 2017. KRYTAC and parent company KRISS USA does not offer direct sales to individual dealers.

Outside of the US, please see our list of International Distributors and contact the KRYTAC importer for your region for wholesale information.

If you are in a country not currently served by an official KRYTAC importer and are interested in becoming an official KRYTAC importer and distributor, please contact our sales team for more information.

Product Questions

What is the KRYTAC ALPHA series?

The ALPHA series are AEGs internally tuned with a muzzle energy of less than 1 Joule. The internal components are the same as the TRIDENT series, except for the main spring, cylinder, and motor. The ALPHA series also features a handguard that accepts direct thread rail segments, whereas the handguards on the TRIDENT series use either Keymod or M-LOK rail segments and accessories, depending on the model.

The ALPHA series is designed only for use with a 7.4v LiPo battery pack.

Can an ALPHA model be turned into a TRIDENT model?

Yes, components from the TRIDENT series are compatible with the ALPHA series.

Can you recommend any modifications, upgrades or accessories for my KRYTAC airsoft gun?

KRYTAC Customer Service is not able to provide any guides nor recommendations regarding aftermarket parts nor modifications to your KRYTAC product. We are also not able to give any advice regarding the fitment of aftermarket parts in KRYTAC products. LayLax is currently the only parts manufacturer that we have worked with directly to design upgrade parts for KRYTAC products.

We recommend checking the KRYTAC Community Forum as well as communities like the KRYTAC Owners Group on Facebook to see what modifications other KRYTAC owners have performed and can recommend.

Do you have any updates on your upcoming products?

Our research and development team is always hard at work, whether it is improving our current lineup or developing new products. We are not able to comment on anything beyond official announcements. Please see our News page for official press releases, subscribe to our email newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Does KRYTAC produce any gas-powered airsoft guns?

All current KRYTAC airsoft guns are battery powered.

What kind of battery do you recommend for my KRYTAC airsoft gun?

KRYTAC airsoft guns are designed to operate with either a 7.4v or 11.1v Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery pack, depending on the model and region configuration. When using an 11.1v LiPo battery pack, for best results we recommend a battery pack that outputs no more than 25-30 amps.

Most KRYTAC airsoft guns are configured to accept an 11.1v LiPo battery, however some models are designed to operate best with a 7.4v LiPo battery, such as the ALPHA series. Additionally, some markets have energy output restrictions and therefore use a lower spring rate and KRYTAC 20K motor. We recommend using a 7.4v LiPo battery with these models.

Using a battery pack that is outside of our recommended specifications may lead to less than desirable operating conditions, such as the loss of semi-automatic fire mode, known as overspin.

There are many battery pack manufacturers on the airsoft market. As we have not worked with any specific manufacturers, we are not able to provide specific battery pack recommendations for your KRYTAC airsoft gun. We are only able to provide the guidelines above.

What is/was DEFIANCE? Some of my parts say DEFIANCE, but newer versions say KRISS instead.

DEFIANCE was a division of KRYTAC parent company KRISS USA, producing accessories, sound suppressors, and a line of .22LR rimfire sporting rifles. Some of these real firearm accessories under the DEFIANCE brand were adapted for airsoft use. The DEFIANCE brand was consolidated under the main KRISS brand in order to simplify branding. Therefore, accessories, such as the grip, sights, stock, and handguards will bear the KRISS branding.

What kind of battery connector does KRYTAC use, T-Plug or mini-Tamiya?

All current KRYTAC models manufactured after June 2020 have a T-Plug connector (previously known as “Deans Ultra Plug”) as the primary battery connector. An adapter may be included with some models to be able to use a battery pack with a mini-Tamiya connector. There may be exceptions in some worldwide markets that have chosen to keep the mini-Tamiya connector on certain models.

The officially licensed Barrett REC7 series has come standard with a T-Plug battery connector since its launch in April 2020.

Warranty and Service

How do I register my KRYTAC product?

Product registration is quick and easy with our online Product Registration form. Registration is optional and not required for warranty validation.

Optional product registration is for domestic United States sales only. Outside of the United States, please contact your region’s official importer to see if product registration is required or requested.

How do I request repair service? How do I submit my KRYTAC product for repair?

The KRYTAC warranty policy can be found on our Warranty Information page.

If you are outside of the United States, your warranty terms and conditions may differ depending on your region. Please see our Warranty Information page to find the distributor that handles service requests for your region.

Can I get my KRYTAC product serviced directly by KRYTAC / KRISS USA?

KRYTAC and parent company KRISS USA does not directly service airsoft guns as we do not operate an airsoft service center. If your KRYTAC product requires service, whether it is under warranty or out of warranty, you may contact your local authorized KRYTAC dealer. The KRYTAC distributor for your region may also be able to assist you. Please see our Warranty Information page for more information.

I’m missing a part; am I able to request replacement parts directly from KRYTAC?

No. KRYTAC and parent company KRISS USA does not maintain any inventory of KRYTAC replacement parts. This is handled by our worldwide distribution network. Please contact your authorized KRYTAC retailer or the KRYTAC importer/distributor for your region. Please see our Warranty Information page for more information.

Does removing the orange flash hider void warranty?

In the United States, removing the orange muzzle device in itself does not void the warranty, but may be illegal in your jurisdiction; please be sure to follow your local laws and regulations regarding these safety markings.

Any damage or malfunctions that may occur during the process of this modification or as a result of this modification is not covered under warranty as the warranty protects you against manufacturing defects, not user error.

Please note that this may differ depending on the warranty requirements and laws and regulations for your country, and the above is valid in the US only. If you are outside of the United States, please contact the KRYTAC importer and distributor for your region for more information.

General Information

Who and What is KRYTAC?

KRYTAC, established in Southern California in 2013, is a dedicated product research and design team of firearms manufacturer KRISS USA. The primary focus of KRYTAC is to engineer premium airsoft products for recreational use. The KRYTAC team is comprised of highly experienced firearm and airsoft professionals who have come together for one common goal: to provide premium products that evolve individuals beyond their boundaries.

What does KRYTAC mean?

The KRYTAC name comes from the combination of the mythological sea creature “Kraken” and the word “tactical”.

Who designs and manufactures KRYTAC products? Is it OEM?

KRYTAC is designed in-house by KRISS Group, which utilizes its own worldwide manufacturing capabilities and are not OEM through a third party manufacturer.

Does KRYTAC offer individual or team sponsorships?

There are no teams officially sponsored by KRYTAC, and KRYTAC and parent company KRISS USA does not offer a team nor individual sponsorship program. There are no plans for any sponsorship programs in the immediate future.

I have a great idea for a new KRYTAC product. Where can I submit my idea?

While we welcome any and all feedback about our products, we are not able to accept unsolicited ideas, suggestions, proposals, etc. for products, product concepts, etc.. The purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes when KRYTAC / KRISS USA’s products might seem similar to ideas submitted to us. Thank you for your understanding.